misconceptions on girdles

Too many girls do not wear girdles or shapewear because they think it's uncomfortable, stiff or stark... It's a shame to keep these images in mind!
if you are still one of them, enjoy it's really fashionable at the moment.
The best is to try on : it's a bad idea to chooze it too tight, just your right size. Even with a right size some models are better than others for you. we are all different, there is no standard so try several models and styles until you find wich you prefer. Simple or sophisticated, precious or more cheap, high waist, long legs or just panty, firm or light support... garters are not necessary today (but so sexy!), you have a large and fantastic choice. it's what I try to show in this site.
The girdle will give you a smooth line, your belly will be maintained, you will have a better posture but do not expect to reduce your build. curves are beautiful.
Make the first step, you will not regret it. I hope you'll discover how pleasant and confortable it is. An unexpected sensation!
Please, answer if you want, especially if you have discover wearing girdle after you had a bad opinion.